Of Angels

by Blue Bolt

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This album was made with our personal equipment at four different locations over the course of a year. Despite conflicting school/work schedules, family concerns, and locational differences we were able to pull together and finish. It's not perfect but neither are we, and though it's finally done, we're just getting started.


released August 4, 2015

written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Blue Bolt.

special thanks to:
Tommy Bolger
Randy Branch
Jon Seal
Michael Scott



all rights reserved


Blue Bolt Florence, South Carolina

Blue Bolt is a band from Florence SC. The name is derived from a character in the Machinae story.

Read it here: blueboltband.blogspot.com

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Track Name: Buster Blade
Can you believe we got in
hey Johnny, let's pretend
do you wonder, where we wander
keep calm, because
I'll be by your side through the fight

I don't suppose you would know
where we're going with these guns
never mind, stay in line
quit now boy, don't you know
you're too smart for war

I know too well how this ends
but I can't watch all of my friends die again
if only one can be free
it's better you than me
what're we fighting for
tangled up in this war
you stupid, stupid boy
have you come this far
to die alone
Track Name: Genobreaker
I never thought I would be calm
when death approached on the dawn
but I won't hide or shield my eyes
though I can't stand the sight

and faith begs, "believe what's unseen"
while fear stands before me
though I try, I can't deny
the madness in your eyes

just like the ocean we're caught in the motion
of things long before our time
a common commotion for some devotion
to never be lost in the tide

holy mother keep us safe
through the nights and through the days
bid your light to shine our face
and to never, ever fade

Orion, can't you see
the lion is after me
I found myself tonight
amongst the firelight
I've never felt so right
believing in a lie

'til my eyes have seen
and my ears have heard
I will not believe
one single word
Track Name: Wings
Recently, everything I've seen
makes me believe I
am caught in waves of waking

roll on gentle sun
roll on gentle sun

I don't sleep well when you're gone
but I've made my bed here for too long

roll on gentle sun
roll on gentle sun
'til the dawn

I feel a shifting in the sheets
but I know there's no one here with me
the hardest part isn't being alone
it's knowing, it's having to know
that you're not

Track Name: The Prophet
God knows I've tried to speak
my tongue is caught behind your teeth
while I wait for what to say
everyone remains afraid of
all the colors and all their meanings
all the murmurs of all the demons

I will curse the sea I will strike the ground
all for your temple all for your crown

God knows I've tried to sleep
but these dreams just never seem to let me
all the colors and all their meanings
all the murmurs of all the demons

of all the whispers I've heard in the dark
yours is the only one that says what I have known
in my core I know the coil that wraps along my spine
in my heart, in my mind, I know I can be whole
with a word you've said so much more than anyone else before
let your voice...
Track Name: Etching Echoes
I wonder why I spend my time
and prayers on you
I gave my life, shot through my prime
all just for you
I saw the sky with my own eyes
cry stars, lament
I'm losing sleep, each night I think
maybe it ends
the wood my eye, my heart the pyre
you watched it burn
shake at the seams, forget my dream
that makes me yearn
the kiss, the cold, I'm much too old
to fall for this
awake alone, ignore the drone
the one, that ring
hollow keep still, swallow I feel
you at my knees
everything's fine, I'll drown my mind
in revelry
Track Name: Taggin' Dragons
We only stab the backs of our lovers
we only rust the tracks of our brothers
chain my heart, train my heart, change my heart
to yours
Track Name: Memory's Dream

When you get home
then you will see
even though you're far away
you belong with me

Oh, do you recall the snow?
we're not as old, as we've been told
I need help, to find myself
in the memory of the dream

Hello, don't you know
your heart's what I want to grow

I meant to call, instead I froze
somewhere in time alone
we're not as old as we've been told
we need help to find our way back home

Hello, don't you know
your heart's what I want to grow
I'll keep track of our tracks
'til we make it back safely

I'll be gone when you get home
I've found a new town to call my own
if you remember one thing
one tiny memory, let it be
that I'm bleeding baby
and you did it to me

I ain't gonna say it
but you now what I mean
the thoughts in my head
our sweet blasphemy
am I to remain hollow
while you wallow in your sorrow
honey, truth ain't never hard to see
and it sure ain't easy to swallow